Our Story
With a background in Fashion Design and Pattern Making Dethrone was forged on the belief that you should wear WHAT you want – WHEN you want. Designed in New Zealand Western Bay of Plenty, Dethrone is everyday comfy gear that you actually want to wear. 

We provide superior comfort with high quality fibres like cotton in our signature street casual style. Our products are made for anyone who likes to feel as good as they look. We place a huge premium on comfort without compromise. 

Stand up for your right to comfort
We want you to stand out for being comfortable. We don’t conform to existing ideas if it means doing something you don’t want to do. We may keep an eye on the latest trends in street fashion but we never follow the herd. We try to provide for everyone, which is why we make our clothes unisex when we can so whether you’re a minimalist or looking to stand out, we have a look that is right up your alley. 
Our aim is to create something a little different – we were tired of casual street wear that neglected the whole point of the movement in the first place; comfortable clothing that looks good.
We reject ‘everyday’ wear that we don’t want to wear every day.

It’s all about stylish comfort
To achieve effortless comfort without comprising on style we went back to the drawing board. We started with selecting only the highest quality fabrics which are as good for you as they are the environment. We try to stay away from plastic fibres derived from crude oil wherever possible. You will notice 100% cotton is our top fabric of choice. 

When it comes to our clothing designs we took a fresh approach of finding the right fits, designing the most comfortable unisex cuts and combined them with the casual street fashion choices to create a look which is truly our own.

We believe our signature street casual style delivers on our goal. We believe that our collection will make you feel as good as you look, with a range of options that will make you stand out or fit in, and we know once you try it you won’t go back. 

Kiwi owned
We knew going in that we wanted to provide a clothing line which was made with us in mind. We’re Kiwi owned, and damn proud of it. All our products are designed by us, so we can localise the latest international trends for the New Zealand market.  

Environmental Focus
The environment is important to us – our home country of New Zealand is naturally beautiful, and we want to keep it that way. Therefore, our products whenever possible are made with natural materials and we do our best to limit our use of potentially eco-damaging plastic fibres. We also ship our clothes in compostable courier bags, to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. You can’t look your best nor feel your best if the world around you doesn’t look good as you. We are learning - Just like you!